The Power of Thanks

Recognition is crucial within any organization. Benefit One partners with you to craft a strategic solution that delivers the appreciation your team members deserve. Our innovative platform allows you to customize every element so the outcome is unique and focused on delivering the business outcomes your company needs to thrive.

The Power of People

Behind every great organization is a team of people working hard to generate progress and build on its momentum. But no one wants to stand in the shadow of greatness forever. When individual contributors get a moment in the spotlight, everyone shines brighter.

Recognition is a crucial element to every organization’s success. Studies confirm that team members who feel appreciated in the workplace are much more likely to meet their goals. Yet, this simple solution for helping employees know their hard work gets noticed is often overlooked within the corporate world. At Benefit One, we firmly believe that amplifying gratitude as the cultural norm for your organization is fundamental to better business outcomes.

Companies have used our innovative recognition platform throughout North America to elevate employee engagement in all types of roles and industries. Rewards are part of the solution, but the real magic comes from your partnership with us as experienced thought-leaders in the field.

By understanding what makes your organization unique, we can implement and evolve with you over time to build the right recognition strategy. We give you much more than a program that lives outside your most important objectives and HR priorities. Benefit One wants to help you bring your CEO’s organizational vision and your Board’s expectations to life.

Unique Methodology

Too many providers focus on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and miss the core concept of effective employee recognition. Your workforce is pouring their hearts and souls into the work they produce day in and day out. Whether an individual is intrinsically motivated or focused on extrinsic forms of validation, everybody needs to know that their hard work is noticed and valued.

If there’s a lack of feedback, individuals will put their efforts elsewhere. That’s where our solution comes in. Our surprisingly unique approach makes the act of conveying appreciation easy but personalized.

At Benefit One, we integrate this concept seamlessly into the workplace. Employees thrive when they feel valued as part of a team that respects and recognizes them. Whether a peer is sending a non-monetary digital badge or a manager is adding redeemable points to their message of appreciation, every interaction is unique and personal.

Our platform allows for praise to be public, private, or simply shared within a particular team. That flexibility is vital. After all, everyone responds differently to attention — some thrive under the spotlight, and others prefer to be acknowledged more subtly. We believe your employees and managers are the best judges of how widely they should broadcast recognition.

Not Everything Is a High Five
(Nor Is Everything a $1,000 Bonus!)

We know that calibrating recognition with the outcome achieved is crucial to ensuring appreciation is authentic and meaningful. That’s why we ensure rewards are based on the value your team member’s work has created for your organization. For example, when somebody comes in early to ensure a meeting is set up for success, their initiative and hard work should be applauded. That’s where a meaningful message, a digital badge, or a GIF can come in handy.

On the other hand, when a six-month-long project is delivered on time and under budget, a badge could fall short of the mark. That’s when managers can add points to their recognition so it matches the level of contribution.

Recognition in 2021 should be democratized. Modern organizations are taking their programs one step further by allocating points to employees at every level. Whether we’re talking about the C-suite or individual contributors, everybody is empowered to give meaningful appreciation that is both monetary and non-monetary. It shows you trust your population to be stewards of the company and that recognition isn’t only the purview of senior leaders.

Our platform also allows for point automation to celebrate:

  • Significant work anniversaries
  • The accomplishment of stretch goals (KPIs/OKRs)
  • Team members’ birthdays

On our platform, each conveyance of appreciation is unique. Recognition messages can be delivered in video form, and badges can be tailored for your objectives. This way, employees enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as you build that culture of appreciation.

Once a team member has been presented with enough points, they can redeem them for over 3,000 exciting options. These rewards can come in the shape of AirPods, gift cards, branded swag, and more.

Easy, Customizable Integration

We can customize your solution to suit the specific organizational values that promote the culture you’re aiming to achieve. Our platform suits in-person and remote work solutions equitably. Appreciation and recognition become:

  • Frequent
  • Timely
  • Specific
  • Visible

Employees can visualize their progress and get a constant reminder of their achievements with personal charts that display their badges.

Those administering the program within your team always have complete control of your system. Program admins can make updates on the fly, audit posts in real-time, and highlight special recognition. These actions keep the platform vibrant and clean year after year.

Delivering ROI

With unlimited access to our platform, managers can pull real-time analytics on their employees’ performance. Administrators can access dashboards with insights around the most critical metrics to your recognition strategy’s success. Making adjustments based on the data allows your recognition efforts to remain consistently relevant.

As a partner, Benefit One brings more than technology to support your success. We have the necessary experience to deliver meaningful recommendations. Our team will help you pour more fuel on the growing blaze as you identify what works and what might need changes over time. Building on success is key to achieving your desired outcomes.

Successful recognition strategies:

  • Impact organizational culture
  • Improve retention
  • Strengthen relationships between employees and their peers/managers. 

These improvements are directly tied to increases in employee performance. They drive the exact results our partners have come to rely upon through a strategic approach to employee recognition.

Our team is eager to assist you in keeping your employees, executives, and Board happy. Reach out and schedule some time to learn more about how a top-notch recognition strategy will increase your return on investment and enhance your culture. It’d be our pleasure to show your team how the solution works and to help you navigate the myriad options available so you deploy the best recognition strategy possible for your organization.