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5 Benefits of Employee Recognition Software

Learn how to improve and increase a high level of personalized employee engagement with employee recognition software.

Business Cost & Impact of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover cost is slowly eroding your bottom line. The turnover cost has a huge business impact in terms of time, money and performance.

Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

Engaging the Millennials in the workplace is crucial for the employers. They will form the 75% part of the workforce by 2030. In this regard, organizations cannot afford to ignore their demands.

Measuring Employee Appreciation

To make a business case, target objectives strategically, and really benefit your people and your organization, it is essential to measure employee appreciation.

Raise May Not Always Result in Better Engagement

Research indicates that the link between salary and job satisfaction is quite weak. After an extent, the salary does not have the power to motivate an individual.

Look Within to Drive Employee Engagement

Employees lack motivation to invest discretionary efforts in organizational goals or outcomes as they have no vision of their future in their organization.

Towards a Happy and Motivated Workforce

Do you still think if you pay only good salaries to your employees they will be most productive? The people no longer view work as a source of just a pay check.

Why Employee Recognition Matters

An employee recognition system that appreciates the right set of behaviors and performance acts as a strong foundation for positive work culture.

Why Do Employees Leave?

The article details why employees choose to leave employers, and how organization scan use that knowledge to better retain and engage their people.

How to Identify High Potential Employees

Research has highlighted that darkness awaits organizations that fail to identify and manage their high-potential talent.

How to Build an Awesome Organizational Culture

An awesome culture is not about trendy perks - it is the consistent and authentic "how we do things here" that is difficult to replicate.

How to Stop your Top Talent from Leaving

The need to retain top talent is so crucial to the organizational growth and success. Top talent is more productive and creative than the average employees.

How to Be a Champion Manager

Champion managers are envied by their peers for delivering exceptional results,being trusted by the employees and admired by the senior leadership.

How to Give Actionable Feedback

Engaged people are motivated by more than money. An effective approach to employee recognition encompasses feedback key points.

Performance Based Incentives and Their Role in the Workplace

Without proper motivation to help organizational growth, employees will become complacent and their behavior stagnant.

Incentivizing Desired Employee Behaviors to Maximize Results

Incentives for employees appears to be simple: to identify desirable goals, and reward employees who achieve those outcomes. In fact, this is difficult to implement and usually ineffective.

Advantage of Using Point Program for Employee Incentives and Rewards

The Point Programs is the knight in the shining armor for companies to fight the dangers of disengaged, disloyal and under-performing workforce.

5 Reasons Why Points Program Works Better than Cash Rewards

The focus is shifting from giving cash rewards for achieving the set targets to using point accumulation system for driving workplace values and behaviors.

Benefit of Using Channel Incentive Programs

The Channel Incentive Program helps you to motivate, engage and build stronger relationships with your channel partners to drive sales and performance.