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Every organization depends on the hands that carry out its work. That’s why employers need to pay attention to the way they thank their teams for their incredible effort and constant support. Our goal is to improve employee recognition methods within any organization. More than 20 years of experience in HR back up our innovative and fresh solutions. We’ve helped over 6,000 companies so far, and that number is only growing.

Benefit One provides employee recognition solutions to businesses that want their staff to thrive. Our objective is to show managers they can take performance to the next level through simple but powerful actions. We want to help shape the future of corporate culture so that every employee feels happier and more fulfilled. To learn more, check out the wide variety of resources we have available.

Employee Recognition Resources Library

At Benefit One, we want to share our expertise with employers and employees around the world. The goal is to make a tangible difference in the company cultures of the businesses they work for.
‌‌Our insightful material will help you work toward better employee recognition programs within your organization. Take advantage of the many free resources Benefit One has to offer and start making a difference in your workplace.

Corporate Culture News

Want to know what’s happening in the corporate world these days? Find the most recent updates on remote work solutions, corporate culture, employee engagement, and more. Don’t keep it to yourself — share it within your organization to spread the word about how businesses are operating in today’s environment

Employee Engagement Blog

There’s no denying knowledge is power. If you’re looking for an expert take on hot topics in employee engagement and motivation, look no further. Get input on how to make more informed decisions within your company. We update this section frequently, so keep checking in for new content.

Free ROI Calculator

Engaged employees have the power to supercharge your organization’s competitiveness in the market. Our specialized employee engagement ROI calculator will give you an accurate measure of exactly how employee recognition impacts your business.