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Incentives are a great way of employee recognition and encouragement. For a company, incentives are a way of motivating the employees to stay motivated and for an employee, it’s a form of appreciation from the employer. Incentives play a vital role both for the company & its employees. Employees work with all their honesty and spend 8-9 hours daily in the office. After spending so much time in their respective offices, it is evitable that each one of them gets emotionally attached to the company.

As we now know the importance of Incentives in a company, it becomes important to make it a memorable one for the employee. Gifting the age-old gift cards and shopping vouchers have now become a tradition in various companies. What’s more disappointing thing about these types of incentives is: Everybody, literally everybody! uses them to buy some daily routine stuff or something which their family wants. This way those incentives lose their “charm” and soon get eroded from the memories of the recipients too!

I think no company would want that, so let us break corporate culture monotony of incentives and try something cool enough to keep the employees motivated to work more dedicatedly.


The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.” –Charles Dudley Warner, American Essayist and Novelist


Why not give preference to intangible incentives as compared to tangible ones? Doesn’t it sound a great idea? Let us take a look at some of the tips to make the incentives more memorable:

  • Music concert tickets
    One can get music concert tickets booked for the employee and his family as an incentive. Music lovers will enjoy it to the most and will remember forever.
  • Holiday Reimbursement
    A company can give a break to its deserving employee and reimburse a great holiday for that employee. This will be remembered by the employee forever & keep him/ her motivated too.
  • Restaurant Booking
    As we all know, good food is something that makes everyone happy and especially when it is a surprise. So, a company can just book a table for two for lunch or dinner for the employee as a token of appreciation.
  • Movie tickets
    Another way of appreciating the employee is by gifting him booked movie tickets to enjoy during work hours. This will be really refreshing and full of excitement for the employee.
  • Sports match ticket
    Live match ticket is an ultimate treat for sports lovers. If your employee too is a sports fan and you manage to book a ticket, then I can assure, he/ she will always stick to your company Some more interesting ways to surprise your employees with incentives are:
  • Theater shows booking
  • Art & Painting exhibition ticket
  • Work from home or family day
  • Personal grooming salon vouchers

Just try the above-mentioned captivating ways of giving incentives to the talented employees & see them as well as the whole team working with more enthusiasm and exciting for you.

Happy employees keep the office environment happy & productive and their happiness lies in your hands!

We understand the importance of satisfied employees and hence, constantly come up with new ideas to achieve the same! Stay tuned with us!

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