New Way To Channel Incentives

In order to improve sales, it’s important to boost motivation and maintain it.

How can you create and increase engagement, loyalty, and motivation in channel partners?
Channel incentive programs are an essential element to sell more products and drive business results.

In the past, cash rewards and gift cards were commonly provided in order to increase sales. This "jurassic" incentive method makes it difficult to apply to channel partners and staff who produce low sales. Jurassic incentives are time-consuming and tedious to keep track of.

Problems With The Jurassic Channel Incentive Method

Several issues of the jurassic style incentive using cash and gift cards have emerged. 

1. Direct Evaluation Method

Your company is unable to evaluate the channel partner staff directly in order to promote the sales of high profit products and new products effectively. 

2. Differentiation From Competitors

Instead of reducing commission, companies want to move over to a one of a kind incentive platform but don't know where to start. 

3. Sales Promotion of Company Products

Cash and gift card rewards are limited to the top performers. 

New Way to Channel Incentive Programs

We are offering an innovative and more effective style for channel incentives using a point-based program that allows users to accumulate and redeem a variety of goods and services.

Incentive Point

Unlike with cash and gift cards, motivation in channel partners is increased according to the frequency of accumulated points. Your company can customize the platform with whom you want to give the points to, how many, and when. Our new Benefit One Point System is similar to the gamification concept that enables people to have fun accumulating points and badges while being more engaged and motivated. 

Our Platform’s Advantage


Achieve higher engagement and motivation through an original point-based system. Flexible system that is customizable to meet your company’s needs, regardless of size. 


No more endless inventory checks on gift cards and keeping track of budgets. Online platform is easily managed and monitored by managers through a few clicks. 


Directly evaluate, motivate, and reward channel partners. Sales staff can access the platform from both mobile devices and PCs, allowing them to see their progress and accomplishments in real time. 

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Benefit of Using Channel Incentive Programs