The Leading Employee Benefit Outsourcing Company

We are Benefit One USA, Inc.

Over 7,500 companies in Japan, including government organizations have entrusted Benefit One for its services. Our services and network are the largest of its kind in Japan. It is enabling our clients to retain top performers and make the lives of both the clients and employees easier.
In the United States, we are providing a new incentive and recognition program for employees while working with distributors and vendors as part of our service.
Our focus is to gain overall emotional commitment, create highly motivated employees and make impact to your company.


Our mission is to build employee engagement and satisfaction towards the companies' employees work for. We believe that each employee is unique and should not be evaluated and rewarded through traditional methods. Therefore, the evaluation of each individual's skill sets should be reinforced through an improved method that actually works: recognition and rewards. This is where our Benefit One Point System comes into the picture: to motivate, increase engagement and satisfaction through a point-based reward system that allows employees to exchange their points for goods and services.


440 N Wolfe Rd,
Sunnyvale, CA 94085 U.S.A.