Recognition Is Proven As The Best Method For Increasing Work Motivation And Employee Engagement

We provide intra-social employee recognition platform to motivate, engage and create next level corporate value using points, badges and meaningful messages, while collecting data to analyze talent and key person at your company.

Employee Peer to Peer Recognition timeline

Our employee recognition tool will utilize a corporate intra-social media platform and will be a timely solution for employees to give recognition to one another.

Recognition is where everything starts. Bestowing employee recognition can yield a huge effect on how your employees will perform for the rest of the year or time they are with the company. Recognition must be given on the spot, and continuously be effective towards employees. On the contrary, giving recognition to a large number of employees can be troublesome. Our employee recognition platform can solve this problem through managing an entire company with a few clicks.

Intra-Social Recognition Platform

A timely solution for peer to peer recognition to your company valuable employees engaged.

Employee Peer to Peer Recognition

Increasing engagement with employees can prove challenging at times, and preserving this relationship with employees is difficult. Nonetheless, when employee engagement has been achieved, it produces full potential for the company: motivation and engagement are increased and turnover rates are reduced. Our platform is a necessary tool to quickly achieve and create long-term employee engagement.

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Appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued. Appreciated employees are more motivated and work harder, reducing turnover rates and enabling companies to rise to new heights as a result.  


Our platform can assist employees in visualizing performance that was not visible before. An example of this would be when an employee lends a hand to a colleague who is having a difficult time on a project. While it is generally not recognized by anyone but his or her colleague in the company, this all can be changed with our platform. Our platform enables employees from all levels to recognize to one another.

The Positive Impact of Employee Recognition


Companies with recognition programs have 31 % lower voluntary turn over rate.


Manager performance in recognizing employee performance increases engagement by almost 60%.


When companies spend 1% or more of payroll on recognition, 85% see a positive impact on engagement.

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